I Don’t Want to Lose This Feeling

I was involved in what I thought was a minor car accident last winter. I was at a stop sign, waiting to merge onto the Interstate. I guess the person behind me was more focused on looking to see if he could yield too instead of what was in front of him, which was me! I could see that he was going to come close to hitting me, but I still thought he would stop. I braced myself for the impact, which was harder than I expected. I ended up going to a Huntington chiropractor because of the pain that I felt as a result of being jarred around.

I know that it could have been a whole lot worse, because I could have been pushed out onto the road where vehicles were going at least 60 miles per hour. Instead, I was just pushed into the guard rail, but that was bad enough! I was able to see the chiropractor pretty fast, and I was very thankful that they were able to work with my insurance company. I was not really too worried about that, but it was one less thing that I had to worry about later.

I just wanted the pain to stop in my neck and shoulders. I was told I had a classic case of whiplash, and I got an education on just what that meant. I had an adjustment done that day, and I went back several more times. The funny thing is that as I started to feel better, I also noticed that I was feeling differently than what I had felt before I was pushed into the guard rail. I had more energy, and I was sleeping better too. I give all the credit to the chiropractor and the adjustments, and I am going to continue to go because I don’t want to lose this feeling.